Hockey – Boys

Hockey is a well-loved sport offered at Van Dyk Primary School and is popular amongst the boys. It was first introduced as an extra mural activity in 2015 and has since seen a marked increase in participation and skill levels. Many of our players progress to regional and provincial teams.

Age Groups
Currently we cater for the U11 and U13 boys.

Times, Venues, Practices and Matches
We participate in the hockey league during term 3.

The boy’s practice weekly from Monday to Thursday (3:30 to 14:30) at school.

Scheduled games are on various days, times, and venues; therefore, each player is given a term schedule advising of these dates.

Home games are hosted at Van Dyk Primary.  Transport for away games is organised by the school.

Clothing and Equipment
It is important that the learners bring suitable clothes to practice. LS Van Dyk Primary provides the match kit for the players for matches. Players need to bring the following at their own cost: hockey shoes and socks as well as a stick and ball.

Head coach/Organiser: M du Preez


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