School and Class Attendance

Parents/guardians, learners, teachers, and School Governing Body (SGB) members are jointly responsible for ensuring that all learners attend school.


  1. If a learner does not attend school regularly, the relevant register teacher will report the absence of the learner to the parent and the principal in writing. The register teacher must keep an accurate register of the learner attendance and must keep copies of all communication to parents when absence from the school classroom is reported.
  2. All learners are to arrive before the official starting time. Learners who are late for school will be indicated with a “L” for late as registers are completed at the beginning of each day.
  3. Absence from a class, without the permission of the relevant register or subject teacher, is prohibited.
  4. Any absence from school must be covered by an absentee note from a parent/guardian, this includes when a learner stays away from school after exams have been written and teaching continues.
  5. Should a learner be absent from school for a period of (3) days or longer, this leave of absence must be supported by a letter from a medical doctor/traditional doctor/registered herbalist. The practice number and telephone number of the medical doctor/traditional doctor/registered herbalist must be on the letter.
  6. Any absence from a formal examination, test or task must be supported by a letter from a medical doctor/traditional doctor/registered herbalist.
  7. No learner may leave the school during school hours without a letter from a Parent/guardian requesting the release of their child and the permission of the principal/deputy principal/grade head from whom an exit note must be obtained.
  8. Truancy from school is prohibited and will be punished as indicated in the disciplinary policy
  9. All learners will attend assembly for the full duration thereof. (see exceptions in the Religious Policy)
  10. If a learner leaves a class for any reason, he/she must have a permission slip.


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