Annexure 3


Cyber safety rules for LS Van Dyk Primary school learners

  • On the network, I will use my own login username and password
  • I will not look at, change, or delete other people’s work/files
  • I will ask permission before entering any website, unless my teacher has already approved the site
  • I will only send emails which my teacher has approved. I will make sure that the messages I send are polite and sensible
  • When sending emails, I will not give my name, address or phone number or arrange to meet anyone
  • I understand that I am not allowed to enter Chat rooms or gaming sites while using school computers
  • If I see anything, I am unhappy with or I receive messages I do not like, I will tell a teacher immediately
  • I understand that if I deliberately break the rules, I could be stopped from using the Internet or school computers


Pupil’s Name and class: _________________ Pupils signature: _______________

Date of birth: __________________  Parents/Guardian signature: ________________

* This declaration will be applicable for as long as the above-mentioned child is a learner at LS Van Dyk Primary

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