Mission and Vision Statement

Vision Statement:

It is the duty of every educator to inspire each child, in a positive and nurturing environment, and to motivate our learners to succeed to his or her full potential. Our learners must feel valued and unconditionally accepted and the Educator must always be mindful of his or her immense responsibility.

Mission Statement:

To provide the learners of LS Van Dyk Primary School with the best possible academic, cultural, sporting, and social conditions to ensure that they develop to their maximum potential. We are committed to providing a functional and holistic education. The protection of the right to dignity as well as a quality, affordable and relevant education.

We endeavour to instill the following in our learners:

  • To be linguistically and emotionally equipped to deal with constructive criticism
  • Have the confidence to voice their opinions and the ability to motivate them
  • Embrace self-discipline
  • A value system based on Christian dogma
  • Have a strong sense of loyalty to themselves their peers and their school
  • Create the ability to defend their beliefs and seek ways in which to ensure that discrimination and abuse are eradicated, both at school and at home.

And to create adults who:

  • Are confident and display an exemplary work ethic
  • Who are literate
  • Adhere to acceptable ethics and unwavering morals
  • Display good decision-making skills
  • Portray an environmental and social conscience
  • Have healthy communication skills
  • Are motivated, creative, and technologically literate



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