Admission Policy

The aim of Laerskool Van Dyk Primary is to educate the learners in totality. The SGB, staff, parents and learners are included in this whole task. This collaboration helps to send a balanced, responsible, independent learner off to secondary school.

The content of the Admission Policy is based on the following:

• The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No 108 of 1996) as amended.
• National Education Policy Act, 1996 (Act No. 27 of 1996), as amended.
• The South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No 84 of 1996) as amended.
• Regulations on Admissions of Learners to Public Schools, 2012 as amended by General Notice 1160 of 2012 (Provincial Gazette 127 of 9 May 2012).
• Regulations Relating to Minimum Uniforms Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure, Government Gazette No. 37081 dated 29 November 2013.
• Circular 3/2016: The Use the South African School Administration and Management System (SA SAMS) – 2016.
• Circular 05/2016 Implementation of the Admissions Application Online System in Public Ordinary Schools
• The Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013.


1.1 All learners to be enrolled for the first time should do so according to the Management Plan of the GDE. The dates will normally be announced by the media

1.2 It is compulsory for learners that are in the school already to re-register again for the next school year

•The re-enrolment process entails the registration of learners already enrolled at Laerskool Van Dyk Primary (Grade 1 to 6) for the following year.
•The school must issue a re-enrolment form to learners currently enrolled in a school to complete and return to the school.
•  The information on the completed form must be captured on SASAMS.

1.3 Learners that are enrolled will be placed on a list to ensure that effective planning can be done for the next year

1.4 An administration fee of R200 is payable on registration

1.5 Learners whose residential address falls within the feeder area of the school get preference, as well as learners with siblings in the school.

1.6 An A-Waiting list for learners living in the area and a B-Waiting list for learners living outside the area, will be kept.



2.1 Parents/guardians must submit the following documentation when enrolling their children:
• A birth certificate or Identity document of the learner
• A transfer card where necessary
• An original report card of the last Grade completed (where applicable)
• In case of immigrants – proof that the parent is a legal immigrant
• ID documents of both parents/guardians
• A copy of the child’s clinic card
• A completed school application form
• Proof of residence – latest Water and Electricity account
• A recent salary advice to prove work address
• If parents do not have the above-mentioned documentation with them when they register their child, they have one calendar month to hand it in at school


3.1 The principal, is responsible for all admissions

3.2 The admissions committee of LS Van Dyk Primary consists of :
• Mr C.F Nortman (principal) : Chairman
• Ms C L Grant (SGB) : Chairman SGB
• Ms J Minderon : Deputy principal
• Ms L Marais : Deputy principal
• 1 Senior admin clerk
It is the responsibility of the Admissions committee to handle the registration of all learners that can be accommodated at the school.
If the school is filled, unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing by the GDE.

3.3 Process of admission:
• The registration process begins in April and ends in June as announced by the GDE
• Parents of new learners must submit an application form. They must complete the online application process and submit all the relevant documentation as stipulated in 2.1
• The applications will be recorded on the appropriate waiting lists (see 1.6) as well as on SASAMS
• Parents receive a communiqué informing them of their waiting list number when they have handed in all the relevant  documentation
• After the process explained in 3.4 has been completed the parents receive a notification that their application has /has not been successful (as per date announced by the GDE). The successful parents must then submit the return slip on the          notification within 7 days indicating whether they accept/decline the place allocated to the learner. Vacancies arising from      this process will be filled by District where applicable.

3.4 Process of online registrations
The Admissions Application Online System can be accessed by:
• Logging onto
• Registering and creating login credentials (Use Persal as Username).
• Selecting Administrator tab to access school applications “School Admin” option to select the level of administration.
• The Admissions Application Online System will go “LIVE” at the date and time determined by Head of Department annually.

The admission online processes are divided into the following:
o Pre-Application Period
o Admission Period
o Late Application Period

3.5 The role of the District
Plan for admissions by:
• determining capacity of schools
• identifying undersubscribed and oversubscribed schools
• projecting number of learners that can be accommodated in available schools to determine the resourcing needs
• ratifying Schools Admissions Policies
• Monitor the implementation of the Admissions Management Plan.
• Manage the challenges that arise from the online admissions process.
• Set-up Help Desks / Support Centers that are manned continually during business hours to address challenges.
• Ensure that schools do not distribute manual applications to parents.
• Sign off the system generated Waiting Lists ( A and B) in consultation with Principals of individual schools and Principals                    within each cluster.
• Place all unplaced learners in available spaces in schools in the District.
• Manage online placement transfers of all unplaced learners from one school to another.
• View and print reports of all Schools in the District.

3.6 Placement
• Learner Placement will take place after the Application Period closes.
• Schools with internet connectivity like Laerskool Van Dyk Primary will be able to draw Waiting Lists to be signed off by                        District Directors.
• Schools without internet connectivity will receive Waiting Lists from identified centers at the District Office.
• The District Director will sign off Waiting Lists indicating successful and unsuccessful applicants in line with the number of                spaces available in schools.
• Schools will capture placement of successful applicants according to the
• Signed off Waiting Lists in the system. All schools without internet connectivity will have to capture the placement at                            identified centres at the District Office.
• Once placement of successful applicants is captured on the system, an automated SMS will be sent to the parents to ACCEPT              OR REJECT the offer of placement within seven days of receipt.
• Parents that accept an offer of placement will receive an SMS confirming placement. Where parents have confirmed                              placement, the system will automatically deactivate all applications linked to that applicant.
• Learner placement will remain pending until confirmation of acceptance is received from the parent. Failure to respond to                  the offer within 7 days will result in parents forfeiting the space provisionally offered.
• District Directors must verify available spaces at various schools and place all the unplaced Waiting List A learners in the                    system.

3.7 Late registration
• The school principal remains responsible for receiving late registration applications
• These applications must be acknowledged and recorded in the late registration waiting list ‘A’ or ‘B’
• This form must be submitted to the school’s District office for attention of the District Director on a weekly basis

3.8 Declaring schools full
• No school will be declared full before the administration process is finalised
• The District Director’s decision in declaring a school full will be determined by the school’s capacity, admission data and the 10th day statistics
• The District Director will consider declaring a school full upon receipt of a written application, together with supporting evidence from the principal
• If the school is declared full, it will be informed in writing by the District Director

3.9 Process of objections and appeals
3.9.1 Objections
• A parent of a learner who wishes to lodge an objection against the decision of the school principal must complete annexure B1. This form, from the school, must be handed in within 7 days after receipt of the notification that the application was unsuccessful. The following documentation must accompany the complaint:
– Copy of the communiqué informing the applicant that their application has been unsuccessful
– Copy of the waiting list number provided on registration
The District Director must respond to all objections by the ±18th of November every year
3.9.2 Appeals
– A parent who wishes to appeal against a decision of the District Director must complete the MEC’s appeal form (Annexure B4)
– The appeal form must be accompanied by the following documents:
– District Director’s decision
– Copy of the communiqué informing the applicant that their application has been unsuccessful
– Copy of the waiting list number provided on registration
It is important to note that an appeal is not a guarantee of placement at a preferred school.

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